Welcome, Brother

Alcuéscar (Cáceres)

“Because your visit honours us.

Because you help to our mutual knowledge.

Because we regard you as our brother, a son or our Father.

Because we all have room in this house.

Because together we follow paths of truth and friendship to the same end.

Because Christ commands us to welcome you, as we would do with Him. (Matthew 25:37)

Because our faith and our vocation make us to be diligent in our hospitality. (Romans 12:13)

Because you give us the chance to practice charity among our brothers, which is the essence of Holy Slavery.

Brother, entrust this family that you have just visited to the Mother, and all Her ventures of holiness and charity.

Thank you!”

Esclavos de María y de los Pobres, Madre de la Misericordia, Alcuéscar (Cáceres) 

(Printed on a card I took from the pilgrim albergue in a Home for the Disabled in Alcuéscar. The Home is run by a Catholic  priest and Catholic nurses, and relies entirely on donations.)