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Month: June, 2010

An Ideal State Of Walking

“Walking, ideally, is a state in which the mind, the body, and the world are aligned, as though they were three characters finally in conversation together, three notes suddenly making a chord.” Rebecca Solnit Wanderlust: A History Of Walking

The Healing Power Of The Wild

“We are fallen in mostly broken pieces, I thought, but the wild can still return us to ourselves.” Robert Macfarlane The Wild Places

One Of The Butterflies

“The trouble with pleasure is the timing
it can overtake me without warning
and be gone before I know it is here
it can stand facing me unrecognized
while I am remembering somewhere else
in another age or someone not seen
for years and never to be seen again
in this world and it seems that I cherish
only now a joy I was not aware of
when it was here although it remains
out of reach and will not be caught or named
or called back and if I could make it stay
as I want to it would turn into pain.” WS  Merwin

Thanks to Loren Webster’s blog for drawing my attention to this poem.

Pouring Oil And Troubled Waters

” … in April he [Obama] reversed years of US policy by opening up millions of acres of previously untapped coastal waters to the oil drilling industry. The president declared at the time that ‘it turns out that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills’.” The Sunday Times June 20 2010


“Efficiency is an unfriendly virtue, and no one I met in Ireland seemed afflicted with it.” Rebecca Solnit A Book Of Migrations

A Question Of Perspective

“The mobile person sees the landscape as static… but the stationary person sees that everything around is changing.” Rebecca Solnit A Book Of Migrations