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Month: April, 2011

Optimistic Little Poem

Now and then it happens

that somebody shouts for help

and somebody else jumps in at once

and absolutely gratis.


Here in the thick of grossest capitalism

round the corner comes the shining fire brigade

and extinguishes, or suddenly

there’s silver in the beggar’s hat.


Mornings the streets are full

of people hurrying here and there without

daggers in their hands, quite equably

after milk or radishes.


As though in a time of deepest peace.


A splendid sight.


Hans Magnus Enzensberger (translated by David Constantine)

Stop Press: Jesus Mentioned On Easter Egg Box

“Church leaders have secured a small victory in their fight against secularism after several supermarkets agreed to stock the UK’s first and only Fairtrade charity Easter egg to mention Jesus on the box. Morrisons, Waitrose, the Co-op and Booths are to stock a limited supply of the Real Easter Egg, made by The Meaningful Chocolate Company, and some independent shops and cathedrals are also selling it.” The Guardian

Good grief, whatever next? At this rate it won’t be long before Christmas cards feature the Christ Child in a manger …

Mindful Walking

“To act mindfully means to remember to enjoy the simple things that we do. To enjoy walking enriches our lives greatly since, unless we have serious health problems, we all spend some time walking. Take my hand and we will walk together. We will look at flowers and smile at passers-by. Our walking will be like a beautiful song, a melody that flows on without haste. The point is not to get somewhere. The point is to enjoy something lovely and satisfying. If we do so, then we are fulfilling the higher purpose.” David Brazier The Feeling Buddha