Falling In Love With A Garden

by solitary walker

“You turn and see, where the glade opens out . . . a grey stone wall. In front of the wall is colour — that is what you see, not flowers, not stems and leaves and petals, but simply a block of pure colour, the most heart-stopping, astonishing blue, the blue of a Mediterranean sky or the Aegean sea in late afternoon, the blue of lapis lazuli, blended with smoky violet. Irises, planted in a broad band along the wall, irises as you have never seen them. The sight arouses not just delight and admiration, it arouses a kind of greed within you. You want that colour. Your desire for it is passionate and it startles you; you could not have imagined that such a feeling could be stirred by flowers in a garden. But as you pull yourself away and walk bemusedly back . . . perhaps it dawns on you that you recognize your feelings — you know them well enough. Most people do.You have fallen in love, though not with a person, with a garden.

Susan Hill and Rory Stuart Reflections From A Garden (1995)